Handcrafted cutting boards and presentation boards
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Highly recommended! Well made! Courteous messages regarding expected ship date - delivered ahead of schedule! Just beautiful! Have always wanted to splurge on this and so happy I did! Thank-you, Deer Park Woodwork!

Amber Brazel

Excellent quality workmanship. Looking forward to using it often in the coming years . If you’re looking for a cutting board I would highly recommend Deer Park.

William Mounstephen

Highly recommended! It's gorgeous! :D The delivery and friendliness were heartwarming as well.

Kayla Wright

This is a solid and beautifully crafted board, and is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for delivering it in person, wrapped old school with craft paper!

Martin LeMaitre

Beautiful board! Craftsmanship very evident. Love that it’s marked “Deer Park” and that it was made just a few blocks away. Great to shop local and to meet the craftsman when he delivered it.

Hazel Claxton

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