Pick A Size Edge Grain Butcher Block

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It is now possible to create your own Edge Grain Butcher Block. From the selection below, please select ONE or more of the wood species available. Please select how you would like the corners of the board to be finished. If you want to make the board more custom you can choose to add a Juice Groove to one side of the board, four rubber feet, and/or grip handles.


  • These boards are Edge Grain
  • Wood Species are: Sugar Maple, Walnut, Birch, White Oak, Cherry, Cypress, Toasted Maple, and Sycamore.
  • Choose one or multiple wood species from colour swatch option above.
  • Choose one or multiple Accent Species: Bloodwood, Zebrawood, Wenge Wood, and Leopardwood (One strip each of Accent Wood Species per board for each accent species.) 
  • Add a Juice Groove (optional)
  • Add Feet (optional)
  • Add Grip Handles (optional)

*This photo features our Cypress Butcher Block.

If you choose more than one wood species we will reach out to you to finalize how you would like the board designed. Looking forward to speaking to you and have fun creating your board!